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Use a Cultiv8 Business LEAN Kaizen Event to significantly increase your operational efficiency.

An ongoing program for rallying your team around a commitment to eliminate wasted time, material, and movement so you can dramatically improve operational efficiencies.

You may have heard about LEAN and may be aware of a number of the tools and techniques that businesses use to bring improved efficiency to their operations. A Cultiv8 Business LEAN Kaizen event program will lead you through your very own Kaizen event.

Kaizen means IMPROVEMENT in Japanese and is a way of bringing about quick levels of improvement in a process.

Our LEAN Kaizen Event program will teach you exactly what to do to either run your own event or to use our services in delivering a first class event for you. We use our own certified LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt to deliver an event that will not only give you a much better efficiency in your process but will educate those members of your team who partake.

Our LEAN Kaizen Program has a level

to suit your needs from Bronze through to Platinum Done For You which effectively leaves the event planning, facilitation and post program follow up to your Cultiv8 Business Coach & Black Belt.

Join the hundreds of businesses using LEAN to take their business a step towards best practice. The tools and techniques in LEAN can be used in many functions of your business be it manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, finance, admin, sales, call centre and retail operations. Its roots came from Manufacturing but businesses today use it in may business functions and industry sectors. Learn more about our LEAN Kaizen Events Program and see how it can help accelerate your companies efficiencies and drive higher levels of colleague engagement.

We have a solution to help your business...

Our LEAN Kaizen Events Programme Works For Businesses Who Want To....


See improvements in their efficiencies helping drive down the cost of labour.


Identify bottlenecks in their processes therefore helping increase throughput.


See better levels of housekeeping and work place organisation..


Generate higher levels of accuracy in their process and supporting improved levels of customer service and satisfaction


Build knowledge and capability into their teams who can use the tools & techniques of LEAN, ongoing.

Best Practice

Get the edge over their competition and to develop best practice in their Business.

Who Is Our Lean / Kaizen Event Programme Aimed At?

LEAN has been around for many years but many businesses do not know how to use it properly. A big part of LEAN principles is the element of Kaizen which means IMPROVEMENT in Japanese. This programme is for companies that wish to implement LEAN or Kaizen events into their operations in order to bring about efficiency and service improvements. It works by predominately looking at the various elements of waste in their processes and ways to eradicate them.

It is best suited to companies that have operations in either manufacturing, logistics/warehousing, production or services/call centre and spend in excess of £300k in labour cost. However, it can be used in many other industries. Dependent on what level of service you opt for, we can either train one of your team on how to undertake a Kaizen event or we can carry out the event for your.

What Will The Programme Give You?

Cultiv8 Business LEAN Kaizen events are run by our accredited LEAN Six/Sigma Black Belt who has years of experience in running these types of events for a number of organisations. The event will undertake a deep dive into your current ways of working. It will start with a LEAN simulation which demonstrates how the principles of LEAN can be used to bring about changes which will improve efficiency. The LEAN simulation will begin the training process and your colleagues on the event will gain insight into the various tools and techniques of LEAN. The event will continue with Value Stream & Process mapping, which will help identify any wastes that you have in each of those processes and then after a process of undertaking activity sampling and timing, improvements are then identified and established and a schedule of improvement projects along with costs/benefits/savings will be agreed. Some quick wins will be identified through this process which can be introduced during the event.  We would expect to see anywhere between a 10% and 15% improvement in efficiency from projects identified during this event. It would be then down to your team to implement those projects, although we can support with that on an ongoing basis dependent on which level of program you chose

"Reduce Labour Costs by 10% - 15%..."

How Does A Lean Event Work?

The LEAN Kaizen event is typically a two week event which will consist of a mix of colleagues from your business who work in or know the process or sit on the periphery of the operation. The event will be managed by your Cultiv8 Business Coach who is a certified and accredited LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt. Those colleagues attending will be trained on the LEAN principles and techniques that will be used during the event. They will learn how to implement;

• 5’s

• 7 Wastes

• Line Balancing

• Standard Work

• Takt

• Value Stream Mapping

• Poke-Yoke

These colleagues can continue with the skills they have been taught in the event to undertake future events without the support of your Cultiv8 Business Coach. We would not run an event with less than 4 colleagues from your business being present for the two week duration of the event.

A Cultiv8 Business Lean Event starts a couple of weeks prior to the main event taking place, whereby we seek to agree the scope and objectives with your key business stakeholder. Once we are aware of that we will begin the process of planning the event, gathering data and identifying colleagues who will take part.

An online meeting will take place prior to the event to communicate to the event attendees what they are letting themselves in for! Our events are set up to have fun also, so it is key that the colleagues chosen are engaged and ready to learn and deliver.

The event will take place on your premises as there will be a need to go into the operations to view the processes and to engage with colleagues working in the process.

Your staff will be kept informed of the event and process along the way via a regular Event Bulletin which we will publish on your behalf.

Key stakeholders from your business will be invited to regular event updates where progress is shared, challenges raised and opportunities discussed.

The improvement projects will come about largely through the identification of the wastes which are typically found from any one of the 7 key waste areas known as WORMPIT; • Waiting; time spent waiting in a process • Over Production; producing too much • Rework; doing things more than once • Motion; moving around in a process • Processing; doing to much to the item, product or process • Inventory; having piles of work in progress • Transport; moving products between processes

Again, dependent on the level of service you wish, we can facilitate the ongoing coaching of one of your team for the delivery of the projects post event. Post event, your team will be skilled in the various tools and techniques of LEAN which can continue to be used in your business

Your Event Agenda...

  • Purpose, lean tools and techniques, timeline for 2 week event, rules of engagement

  • Lean simulation which is teaching the attendees how the lean tools are used to bring about improvement

  • Spaghetti Diagram and workflow

  • Process Timings & Activity Sampling

  • Process Mapping & Waste Identification

  • Identifying projects and improvements

  • Prioritisation & Quick Wins

  • Action Planning & Post Event Timetable

  • Get in touch and we will let you know how we can help you save 10% - 15% of your labour costs

  • Reduce waste in your business

  • Remove bottlenecks

  • Improve leadtimes 


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