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Double The Size Of Your Profits

Transform Your Business Into A Lean Money Making Machine

Work With Your Cultiv8 Business Growth Expert By Investing in 1-2-1 Business Coaching

Every strategy is designed to give you everything you'll ever need to;

Implement LEAN into your business so that waste in your processes is eliminated

Transform Your Existing Sales & Marketing

Generate more leads, more sales and more profit

Automate your business so it can work with out you

Deliver Improvements In Your Customer Service Creating Loyal And Raving Fans

Building Highly Engaged Teams

Our aim in working with you is to help you DOUBLE your PROFITS in 12 months...

We will not take on your business unless we are 100% sure that we can achieve this very goal.

Here Is What You Get When You Invest In Our;

Business Is Not Luck End To End LEAN Transformation Programme

Using 1-2-1 Business Coaching With Your Very Own Business Transformation Expert.

  • Regular 1-2-1 coaching sessions with your very own business coach, helping you recognise the benefits of growing your business fast.

  • Unique Business Diagnostic Software which we use to identify the opportunities in your business and the size & impact of those opportunities. This helps us go after the elements of improvement which will bring about the biggest and quickest changes

  • Build raving fans in your customer base and grow repeat business

  • Developing a highly engaged team, capable of performing and delivering your vision and company goals

  • Access to the Online Course which helps you understand the elements of our rapid growth programme

  • Access to our very own, unique online coaching portal which holds 100's of proven strategies & techniques for improving your business.

  • Monthly Management Info Dashboard which tracks our progress, monitors your KPI's and sets your activities for the coming month. Includes your very own action plan, specific to achieving your business transformation.

  • Working With Your Business Coach

    Watch this video of Steve Hackney, CEO of The Core Asset explain about working with your Business Coach. It’s is important to think of the value that a coach will bring to your business and not in an employed way. In the same way that top sportsmen and women will always seek out the top coaches in their field in order to excel, you too need a Business Coach if you wish to excel in your business

    Find Out More About Business Coaching....

    1-2-1 Dedicated Coaching With Your Very Own Business Transformation Expert

    You don't have to worry about what to do or how to do it. Your very own business coach will show you the way.

    As with a personal trainer, your Cultiv8 Business Coach will set a plan, show you the techniques and tools required to achieve your goals. Once your coach has agreed the plan with you, they will set you on your way. It is down to you to implement the strategies to grow your business, your coach will not do that for you - that's not what coaching is about. But they WILL help you achieve your goals and will support, drive and push you to achieve these.

    Your coach will link in with you via regular Zoom calls and will review progress via the Cultiv8 Business Coaching Portal. You will need to put the time and effort in, and your coach will help you with techniques to find the time to apply the elements of the Business Is Not Luck programme.

    Please also remember, that we will not agree to take your business on, if we do not feel we can DOUBLE your profits (after the cost of our fee's) in 12 months

    Unique Business Diagnostic & Action Plan To Keep You On The Right Path

    We use our unique Business Diagnostic tool to get right to the heart of your business. We ask you a number of questions which seek to identify where your business sits in a number of different business disciplines. From Sales, through Marketing and Lead Generation to Conversion, through to Colleague Engagement, Cost Management, Financial controls and Productivity.

    This diagnostic really gets into the detail. From the answers and info you provide, the data gets dropped into our software tool which calculates how much opportunity there is currently in your business and gives a profit growth target.

    Then follows a unique report which identifies each area of improvement, its impact on your business profit and 3 actions that should be implemented as a priority. This is then used to develop your very own action plan which your business coach will complete and work with you on in your 1-2-1 sessions.

    Access to Cultiv8 Business Coaching Portal & Library

    We have our very own and unique coaching portal which helps us do two things;

    1. We can collectively track tasks, actions and progress

    2. It has a library of tools and techniques that includes step by step processes to help you implement the various strategies to drive the improvement in your business.

    The action plan we agree is managed through the portal which allows us to keep on track and organise priorities. The portal is extremely user friendly and has been built with ease of use in mind.

    Your Business Coach will help you quickly learn your way around so that you can get the best out of your coaching experience.

    Monthly Management Dashboard

    We are able to meticulously track your progress via our Management Dashboard. We take your data and produce a set of key business performance metrics that are used to drive your business.

    We work with you to put in place the correct strategies that will bring about improvement in these key metrics which in turn link to your profit.

    The dashboard lets us see if we are heading in the right direction and lets us see what the impact is of our actions. Your monthly dashboard will be sent through to you electronically and in hard copy A3 version on a monthly basis.

    The data on the dashboard is used to help steer our 1-2-1 sessions and agree the actions to be taken during the next month

    Online Learning Platform

    Get free access to the online training course, Business Is Not Luck.

    This training will kick start your understanding and will support your learning. It will help you accelerate your growth path and further support you in the implementation of the various elements of the programme.

    With over 30 hours of video content, 100's of pages of material this course will not only accelerate your learning but will give you many tools, techniques and strategies to implement in your business. You won't be alone, your business coach will be on hand to further help you through the material.

    Monthly Improvement Journal & Webinar

    Every month you will get your own printed hard copy of our improvement journal, Business Is A Science. This monthly publication is packed with strategies and techniques for improving your sales and marketing, and best of all, they are usually free to implement.

    Joining The Programme

    Joining the programme is through application. We only ever take on a handfull of clients at any one given time so that we can support our guarantee and achieve our clients goals of doubling their profit within 12 months.

    Find Out More....

    No risk. Fully Guaranteed

    If by following the advice and applying the strategies together we don't increase your profits by at least the monthly fee, we will work with you for FREE until we do.

    Free special bonuses if you join us today.

    Get more leads, increase sales, accelerate your growth and improve the value of your business. 

    Everything You Need To Grow Your Business Quickly & Cost Effectively

  • Your own 1-2-1 Business Coach, helping you implement the strategies. Your coach works with you over Zoom to review your plans, approach and actions. Your coach will guide and support to ensure your success

  • Unlimited access to the Cultiv8 Business Coaching Portal with strategies, playbooks, checklists and templates

  • Access to unique business diagnostic which pinpoints opportunities in your business

  • Complimentary entry to the Online Programme Training

  • Monthly Management KPI Dashboard and Improvement Journal

  • Join The Programme Today...

    Just by Transforming your existing Lead Generation, Conversion and Value of Each Customer each by a mere 13% and then adding more tactics and strategies to give another 13% improvement results in an increase of over 100%. That’s the power of the formula!

    POA per Month

    Sign up today and get started on your journey to transform the sales, efficiency and profits of your business. Work with your own Business Improvement Expert to accelerate the increase in your profits.

    There is no ongoing commitment, you can cancel at anytime

    • Join Us today and get these three welcome bonuses completely free of charge.

    • Bonus #1, Your own hard copy of Business Is A Science Book by Iain Thomson & Steve Hackney

    • Bonus #2, Your Own Hard Copy Of The Business Is A Science Manual Which Supports The Sales & Marketing Elements of This Programme

    • Bonus #3, An Amazon Kindle, filled with learning materials, books and audiobooks to accelerate your own learning & development

    Sign Up Today...

    You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with our unique Guarantee.

    If after following our advice and applying the various strategies over a 6 month period, you have not increased your profits by at least the cost of the monthly fee, then we will work with you until such time as you do. We are absolutely 100% confident that you will grow your business with this programme.

    Sign up today and get these special bonuses absolutely free..

    Special Bonus #1 Business Is A Science Hard Copy Book

    Your very own hard copy (not a digital download) of our book, Business Is A Science - The Proven Formula For Transforming Your Sales & Profit. Sent out to you within 24 hours of you joining the programme.

    Special Bonus #2 Business Is A Science Hard Copy Manual

    Your very own, hard copy 350 page A4 manual & workbook including all of the playbooks, templates and checklists you need to grow your business -- fast..

    This manual helps you on your journey and takes you step by step through the sales and marketing elements. It includes the Core Asset Formula and Core Elements which have helped 1000's of businesses world wide in accelerating their growth.

    Special Bonus #3 Amazon Kindle

    Free when you sign up today. Get the latest Amazon Kindle filled with books, reports and audiobooks to help you learn and develop your understanding of business, management, leadership and continuous improvement. This further supports our desire to equip our clients and business owners with the skills necessary to become a truly great entrepreneur.

    Get All Of This When You Join Our 1-2-1 Coaching Programme Today....

    Start to grow your business right now by working with your 1-2-1 Cultiv8 Business Coach. Learn exactly how to do it with our online training programme and supporting playbooks, templates, checklists and step by step instructions. Our 1-2-1 Business Growth Expert works with you to ensure your success.

    What You Will Get

    • Your Very Own Business Growth Expert Helping You To Double The Size Of Your Business

    • Unique Business Diagnostic To Pinpoint The Key Opportunities For Improvement

    • Access To The Coaching Portal To Help Track Progress, Allocate Actions & Provide Strategies For Implementation

    • Cultiv8 Business Action Plan Dedicated To The Opportunities Within Your Business

    • Monthly Management Dashboard, Showing Progress Against Your KPI's.

    • Accelerate Your Learning With The Business Is Not Luck Online Course. Over 30 Hours Of Learning Content.

    • Cultiv8 Business Improvement Journal, Posted To You Monthly

    • 3 Extra Special Bonuses

    Sign Up Today...

    What We Will Achieve

  • Double Your Profits in 12 Months

  • Transform Your Current Sales & Marketing Efforts

  • Maximise The Value Of Your New & Existing Customers

  • Drive Up Your Business Productivity By Implementing The Latest LEAN Techniques

  • Automate Your Business So That It Can Work Without You

  • Increase The Level Of Staff Motivation & Colleague Engagement In Your Teams

  • Business Strategy And Action Planning

  • Increased Conversion Rates Driving Improved Sales

  • Improved Cashflow In Your Business By Reducing The Purchase To Pay Cycle

  • Monthly KPI's Helping You Steer Your Business In The Right Direction Whilst Keeping Control

  • Cost Reduction In Key Spend Areas Along With Expenditure Analysis

  • Enquire Now..

    Complete the form below to start the ball rolling. We will be in touch to have a no obligation discussion around what we can offer and your challenges.  This won't take up much of your time and it is not a hard pressure sell. We want to ascertain if this will work for your business.


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